Discover a new kind of luxury at Vivre Penthouse.

Underpinned by deluxe excellence and attention to every finer detail, this expansive duplex apartment spans 352m2 with 80m2 of panoramic balconies, allowing for endless enjoyment of your luminous surroundings. Enjoy use of five spacious bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large living and dining area and a modern kitchen.

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Timeless Swiss quality is never compromised, yet it is the carefully considered details that set this Swiss Penthouse apart from the rest.

Breaking the barriers of its mountainous foundations, bespoke interiors and immaculate finishes add unique flair to this already exquisite Alpine home. Spectacular vaulted ceilings and rustic oak flooring remains in keeping with the Penthouse’s Swiss heritage, whilst Oriental accents and architecture combined with modern features add another layer entirely.

your private collection of assets

Think of the ultimate deluxe Swiss lifestyle and Vivre Penthouse takes the crown. With private keyed access permitting discreet and quick lift entry to and from your exclusive floor, you can enjoy a VIP experience every time you enter your apartment.

The ski-in / ski-out experience never felt so luxurious. Offering a collection of invaluable additions, Vivre Penthouse sets itself apart from the rest. 

Reserved exclusively for you, enjoy dual access to a number of unbeatable amenities including double storage space and ski boot warmers. 

At Vivre Penthouse, you’re able to create memories that transcend generations. Gathering together with family and friends within a central hub becomes a regular tradition. The joy of living becomes a reality, with memories to be made now and for the future.