1500 metres above sea level, the esteemed Anzère ski resort can be found on a high plateau in the Valais region, overlooking the Rhône Valley.

In both winter and summer, Anzère thrives. From dining in the mountains to embarking on a nature hike in the heat of summer, encountering exceptional experiences is part of life here.


In the centre of Anzère, you’re located only 500 metres from 58km of snow-sure slopes ideal for a range of abilities. Winter is like a storybook scene, where skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and climbing get their moment to shine.

Creating memories with friends and family comes easy — take to the immaculate peaks for night tours, heli-skiing experiences or an evening dining on the top of the world. To experience winter’s beauty here is a true honour.


Anzère shows just how vibrant it can be in the summertime. Luscious meadows sprout beautiful flowers and being out in nature takes on a new lease of life. From standup paddleboarding on the Tourbière lake and ascent tours of the Wildhorn, guided by an expert mountaineer, to the thrill of paragliding on a clear and sunny day, Anzère’s year-round appeal is unbeatable.

Anzère — a place to be now and for the future.