Duplex Penthouse Available

CHF 3,300,000


Property Overview
A rare opportunity to own a luxury five bedroom / seven bathroom duplex ski Penthouse set in the centre of the Anzère mountain resort, a sunny south-facing car-free village at 1500 metres altitude overlooking the Rhône Valley. You can own this exceptional Switzerland property, a bright and spacious Penthouse that spans the top floor of a beautiful apartment building, promising exclusivity and space to make your own.

Main Property Features
● Top floor Penthouse apartment
● Fully-finished
● Contemporary design
● Modern kitchen
● Five bedrooms and seven bathrooms
● Located in a pedestrian-only ski resort
● South-facing
● 58km of slopes served by 14 ski lifts
● 30 minutes drive from the capital of Valais

Living Area
The Penthouse features an expansive living area, totalling 352 square metres. This includes five spacious bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a large living and dining area and a modern kitchen. The apartment’s duplex design makes use of high-quality materials and finishes, highlighted by 80 square metres of panoramic balconies that take in breathtaking views of the mountainous Swiss landscape of the Valais region.

This luxury property in the Alps is located only 600 metres from the town’s ski lift which offers easy ski-in ski-out access to 58km of snow-sure slopes, suitable for a range of skiing abilities.

The Penthouse is located in the centre of the family-friendly ski resort of Anzère, featuring a range of supermarkets, restaurants, bars and other local shops are on your doorstep, with highlights including:

Anzère Spa & Wellness – Situated less than a two minute drive from the Penthouse and open year-round, the town’s spa and wellness centre promises relaxation and wellbeing for the whole family.
Crazy Corner and Central Sports – Both offer ski and snowboard rental and sports equipment.
Glycerine Sport – Bookable Ski and snowboarding lessons.
Pizzeria Restaurant Chez Lorena – Serving Swiss dishes and pizza using fresh ingredients from the region, featuring an open terrace.
La Canne à Sucre – Serving delicious pastries and breads.
Omifoods – Selling artisan sauces.
Post Office and Tourism Centre

The nearest international airport to the Penthouse is Geneva Airport, located approximately a two hour transfer from the ski resort. Alternatively, private flights can arrive at Sion, the capital of Valais, situated only a 15 minute drive from the property.

Address: Rte d’Anzère, 1972 Anzère, Switzerland

Vivre Penthouse redefines true Alpine luxury. Encompassing excellence and rarity, Vivre sets a new benchmark for Alpine property, exuding refined luxury and exclusivity in artfully arranged living spaces that retain the authenticity of their Swiss heritage and emphasise the joy of living. Reflecting its setting in the heart of the Alps, Vivre Penthouse invites you to indulge in ultimate luxury.

To find out more about the Five Bedroom / Seven Bathroom Penthouse Apartment For Sale in the Swiss Alps or to express your interest, please get in touch by filling in the enquiry form.

One of a kind property

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